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Holotropic Breath Work

Holotropic breathwork uses accelerated breathing and music to help you increase self-awareness and cope with past traumas.

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What is holotropic breathwork?​Holotropic breathwork uses rapid, controlled breathing patterns and rhythmic music to induce a dream-like experience, or what’s usually referred to as an altered state of consciousness (ASCs). It was created in the 1970s by psychiatrists Stanislav and Christina Grof after hallucinogenic drugs like LSD were outlawed in the U.S. in 1968.​The Grofs figured out a way to achieve similarly psychedelic “highs” through accelerated breathing as a therapeutic and spiritual tool — no drugs needed. They believed that this intense meditative state could help people heal by opening up the mind for deep exploration and releasing past trauma.The word holotropic comes from the Greek words “holos” or “whole” and “trepein” which means “to move in the direction of something,” together translating to “moving towards wholeness.” ​It’s based on a theory that largely rejects treating psychological symptoms as a disorder or disease, which distinguishes it from most other western approaches to mental health.The goal is to access parts of your psyche that can’t be reached under normal conditions. Stanislav Grof even believed that holotropic breathing could allow people to relive past-life events.

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